The capitalist Welfare state – The economist, elgar blog and amazon
15 sep 2014, kl 23:16

Tre länkar om Sweden and the Revival of the Capitalist Welfare State:

I The Economist anges boken som källa i en artikel om det svenska valet:

Mr Borg warns loudly against tax rises by the centre-left. He supports choice and rejects claims that private provision of public services has reduced quality. Most independent analysts agree, and a new book backs them up*.

Some Swedish businessmen are warning about the dangers from the Social Democrats. Yet this seems alarmist. Magdalena Andersson, who is likely to take Mr Borg’s job, is moderate to a fault.

* “Sweden and the Revival of the Capitalist Welfare State.” By Andreas Bergh (Edward Elgar)

förlagets blogg, har jag en längre bloggpost som sammanfattar delar av bokens budskap:

In Sweden, as in many other similar countries, the rise of capitalism coincided with decreasing inequality and increasing prosperity. A capitalist welfare state may sound like a paradox or an oxymoron. But as opposed to a global tax on capital, history has shown that it actually works.

Dessutom har den första kundrecensionen på amazon har dykt upp:

The same author wrote a very similar book a few years back (I would guess this is an translation with updates). I have only read the Swedish version, but I have waited for this English version for a LONG time. Every time someone have asked me why my native Sweden is successful (in terms of GDP, HDI, competitiveness index, happiness index) I always wanted to refer to this book because no other piece spell it out as well.

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