Andreas Bergh is associate professor in Economics at Lund university and fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm.

His research concerns the welfare state, institutions, development, globalization, trust and social norms.

He has published in journals such as European Economic Review, World Development, European Sociological Review and Public Choice. He is the author of 'Sweden and the revival of the capitalist welfare state" (Edward Elgar, 2014).

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Svend Dahl i Expressen, om DKV, Munkhammars bok och systemskiften
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Ola Nordebo i Västerbottens-kuriren

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Patrick Krassén i Liberal Debatt

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Patrick Krassén i Svensk linje:

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Sanna Rayman i Södermanlands Nyheter:
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Intervju i SVT24

En bok - en författare

Intervjuare: Per Malm
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Calle Rydberg i Dagens Ledare:
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Anders Billing i Affärsvärlden

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citerad i finansministerns Ludwig Erhard Lecture i Berlin:
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