Andreas Bergh is associate professor in Economics at Lund university and fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm.

His research concerns the welfare state, institutions, development, globalization, trust and social norms.

He has published in journals such as European Economic Review, World Development, European Sociological Review and Public Choice. He is the author of 'Sweden and the revival of the capitalist welfare state" (Edward Elgar, 2014).

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Gästforskare Wolfers om sina intryck från Stockholm...

Justin Wolfers har varit (är?) på besök på institutet bortom Ratio (IIES). På Freakonomicsbloggen skriver han hem, under rubriken Postcard from Sweden.

Han har noterat en del intressanta normer:

There is also a fairly typical life cycle followed by many of thebest Swedish economists: one’s early years are devoted entirely toscientific writing, establishing an international reputation. With thisreputation comes some responsibility for leadership within theeconomics profession.

The truly Swedish part of the life cycle comes next, withsubstantial involvement in government policymaking the norm here,rather than the exception. And this is a norm that seems to me to bewell worth copying.

Åh sjuttsingen. Vidare:

The rhythm of one’s workday here is also quite unique. Anytime after11:30 a.m., someone will ring a large bell that sits at the entrance ofthe Institute. And when the bell tolls, the economists all head forlunch together; if the bell hasn’t been rung by early afternoon, one ofthe staff — concerned for the health of the economists — will ring itto make sure we actually eat. And of course, lunchtime conversationsare all about economics.

Där ser man. Stockholm verkar han också gilla:
It is small enough to be walkable, safe enough to stay out until late,and now that it is summer, we can enjoy a beer in the sun until around10 p.m.
Förvånansvärt få svenskar har i kommentarsfältet gått in för att korrigera professorns Sverigebild neråt - det kanske faktiskt är så här trevligt att vara nationalekonom i Stockholm?

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