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Problem inom högre utbildning i EU

The weaknesses of European education systems lie in a lack of transparency, different governance systems across countries, network-based competition for promotion of senior academic staff (as opposed to excellence-based competition); tenured positions frequently reserved for national or internal staff; a lack of managerial autonomy in several countries; a lack of funding to ensure a minimum level of quality, and administrative and legal obstacles to intra-EU mobility (transferability of social security and/or research funding).

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Intressant. De tyska studenter som nu demonstrerar, strejkar och ockuperar universitetsbyggnader slåss för att bevara allt ovanstående. Eller nej, möjligen håller de med om att universiteten har för lite pengar. Dessutom är de emot nyliberalismen.
8 dec | Unregistered CommenterMartin

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